About The Founder of Shorey IT, Wade Shorey

About The Founder of Shorey IT, Wade Shorey

Founded in 2021 by Wade Shorey himself, Shorey IT provides technology services and consulting. The company focuses on expanding the use of cloud technology in rural communities and helping their clients learn as they go.

Wade is a technology and cybersecurity enthusiast with, at the time of writing, over 8 years of experience in the field. Having roots in Aroostook County, Wade understands what it means to live in a rural area. He currently lives in Caribou, ME , "America's most northeastern city." Technology is constantly evolving, changing the ways people interact with each other. Rural places often don't have access to these cutting edge advancements. The result is aging infrastructure, slow to deploy upgrades, and costly bills. Shorey IT was made to combat this.

With open source technology, lots of labs, many failiures, and a continuing requirement to learn and adapt to changes. Wade practiced and developed methods and strategies to deploy more affordable cloud technology at scale. Using this experience, along with the code and other resources gained over the years, Wade maintains Shorey IT and oversees its operations.

Wade currently provides full stack development, consulting, and incident response on a full-time basis for Shorey IT along with all the other duties of being CEO. You can read more about Shorey IT here.

Wade has a partner named Britt, and a cat. His favorite color is blue, inspiring the Indigo-based material UI theme on shoreyIT.com. He enjoys graphic design and snowboarding. Among other technology projects, Wade has experience with SEO, full-stack development, computer networking, cyber security, data recovery, and PHP.