Shorey IT and Linode

We are excited to announce our partnership with Linode, and we can’t wait to see what comes next. Bringing cloud technology to Rural America is no small task. We searched long and far for an affordable counterpart to expensive solutions like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. In our search, we kept in mind several key factors:

  • Security practices and policies
  • Time in business
  • Location and amount of datacenters
  • Communication with customers (support)
  • Reliability
  • Price

Ultimately, we decided on Linode due to their global presence, uptime SLA, security policies, customer support ratings and because they offer DDoS protection for all customers.

Founded in 2003, Linode is a cloud computing pioneer and continues to expand services according to what customers need. Their global network provides build-in DDoS prevention to protect your services in every location. Linode negotiates their own connectivity partnerships to provide the most direct connections possible, resulting in better performance for customers. They don’t offer proprietary services to make anyone feel stuck or become dependent on one provider. And Linode is certified in international security and compliance standards.

At the time of writing, Linode has 11 datacenters built on a “Next Generation Network (NGN)” reaching 185 countries. Linode’s NGN allows for servers to communicate directly with each other globally without needing to go through the internet. This allows for reduced latency and lowers the friction of scale. You can read more about Linode’s global infrastructure here.

Try out Linode with a $100 credit, or contact us to help get started with Linode's powerful infrastructure.